Are Keywords Still as Important as They Used to Be?

Written by Joshua Belland

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to stay abreast of the latest SEO news. You should spend a certain amount of time browsing the world wide web for the latest SEO tips and strategies. If you make a habit of doing so, you may come across a number of recent article that purport to fill the reader in one of one of the most recent and hotly controversial SEO strategies. This has to do with a rumor that SEO keywords aren’t as crucial to your ranking success as they used to be.

Is There Any Truth to Keywords No Longer Being of Use?

There are several SEO news that have gotten on board with this strange rumor. However, it should be stressed that there is absolutely no solid evidence to back it up. In other words, many so-called experts who provide readers with SEO tips are doing so largely out of their own intuition rather than responding to any solid proof. So it’s important to take their words as just that – words with little or nothing to back them up. So what is the truth?

Do Recent SEO Strategies Still Rank the Keyword as an Important Element?

In answer to the question of whether most modern SEO strategies still involve the keyword as an important element, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, most of the reputable and professional SEO tips that you receive from an expert are bound to make just as much use of keywords as would have been the norm in the past. There is no reason whatsoever to think that any brand new element has replaced the keyword as the basic building block to success in the realm of SEO.

Is the Reported Demise of the Keyword a Major Exaggeration?

Many SEO strategists have jumped the gun in recent months and done themselves a major disservice. The proof of this lies in their alleged hailing of the death of the SEO keyword. The confusion seems to have come from reports that including a keyword in the name of your domain is a good way to get on Google’s bad side. This is all well and good if not proven- but are keywords really finished? The answer is definitely not, nor should you have any illusions on this matter.

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Link Building for Beginners – Part 1

Link Building for Beginners – Part 1

Inbound links to a website can increase the value of a site, especially in the eyes of search engines. When properly done, link building strategies can significantly improve page rank and directly affect the popularity and profitability of a website.

When other sites link to your site, search engines consider that to mean your site has quality, authoritative content that supports content on the original site. When additional sites link to yours, your site rises in its level of importance, because more people consider it as a reliable source of value.

What is Link Building?

Link Building, the process of getting other websites to link to yours, requires patience and discipline because quality matters. If a website Google rates as “spammy” or of small importance, a link from that site to yours can hurt your website in search engine results. When learning how to build links, webmasters should, therefore, focus on authoritative, high-quality sites that already rank high in the search engines.

Good vs. Bad Links

Not every link to your website can help you. In fact, some of the easiest ways to get links either don’t promote your site, or they hurt it for SEO. In the early days of SEO, website owners could create links in website directories, where anyone could create a listing. Web directories did not indicate value or authority, because anyone could create an entry for any website, without any validation. Nowadays, search engines consider a web directory as “spammy” and penalize sites with inbound links that come from them.
Website owners learning how to build links can quickly create links to their sites by leaving comments in blogs and review websites. Although this strategy can build credibility for a website, they usually offer no SEO value.
A good link comes from an existing high-quality website that already ranks high in search engine results. These sites contain valuable content, so the sites to which they refer their users usually also have value. When a quality website refers visitors to your site, search engines will rank your site higher for relevant searches.

What is Anchor Text and How Does It Affect Me?

When creating a link, webmasters must associate the link with specific words on a page. Described as “anchor text,” these words usually have something to do with the link, so a reader can click the link and get relevant information.

When a webmaster highlights words and associates them with your website, search engines learn that your site has valuable content that relates to those words and ranks your website higher when users search for those words.

Other Reasons for Link Building

Although link building strategies often help SEO efforts, they can also offer other benefits. For example, visitors who click a link to your site validate themselves as genuinely interested in your content, making them easier to convert to customers.

Link building also builds value for your brand and reputation, because users of the referring website consider a link to yours as a validation of the quality and authority of your site.

-How Important Are Links in 2015?

Various search engine updates have made link building harder to use as an SEO strategy, but the strategy can work when links indicated authority and value. Guest blogging, infographics, and social networking all can contribute to the value of your website in 2015 and for a long time to come.

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